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Mokeru 30 Days Growth (The Ultimate Hair Care Solution and Spray For Men and Women)


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Mokeru 30 days growth is carefully fortified with all natural and organic ingredients that heal, renew, nourish, and protect your hair and scalp.
It combats hair breakage, hair thinning, or the most severe hair loss also known as alopecia areata, and naturally induces hair growth in both men and women with all hair types.

The Official Alopecia Treatment!

The only well designed topical (applied to the scalp) solution and lotion spray that are formulated with a powerful combination of premium ingredients that will gently cleanse the scalp, and stimulate the hair follicles.
Applying both the solution and spray once daily, balances out the anagen phase, catagen phase, and teloten phase thoroughly.

Maintaining the perfect balance between these 3 phases, speeds-up the hair growth process, and noticeably makes your hair grow within 30 days.